Community and Landholder Liaison

Hawsons Iron is committed to realising the full potential of our iron ore deposit while integrating the highest sustainable development practices in all areas of its work.


Hawsons Iron is required to access land to support many of our activities. We share strong relationships with our landholders and are committed to reducing our impacts upon their operations. Trust and respect for their rights form the basis of our approach to negotiations with them.


Hawsons iron understands that our long-term success goes hand-in-hand with enhancing the broader well-being of the communities and regions in which we operate. We believe in open and accountable engagement processes and interactions to improve the effectiveness of our commitment.

Information on exploration licences currently held in New South Wales by Hawsons Iron Limited can be found in our Quarterly Reports to the ASX, as well as on the New South Wales Trade & Investment MinView website.

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Further information on landholders’ rights with respect to exploration licences and other authorities issued under the Mining Act 1992 may be found at the New South Wales Government website.