Hawsons Iron is committed to being supportive of its communities, respectful of local cultures and environmentally responsible wherever we operate. We aim to integrate the highest sustainable development practices in all areas of our work.


Meaningful community engagement helps to build trust by allowing people to interact and provide input to decisions and projects that affect them. Where we operate, we engage and work with the community to reach mutually beneficial outcomes.

Hawsons Iron is taking positive steps to support sustainable development and harness regional capacity, so our communities share in our success. We value difference and diversity and vow to build respectful relationships, understanding that our long-term success goes together with enhancing the broader well-being of the communities and regions in which we operate.

Committed to developing lasting relationships, we aim to learn about and support the aspirations and goals of our stakeholders, work to minimise and mitigate any adverse impacts and respect cultural connections to the land.


Hawsons Iron strives to work collaboratively with landholders as guests on their land, to manage the beneficial coexistence of our interests.

NSW land owners

Landholders own the surface land of their properties while resources below the earth’s surface belong to the state. The production of these resources generates royalties for the state. Information about the responsibilities and rights of landholders and explorers under the Mining Act 1992 can be found on the New South Wales Government website.

South Australian land owners

We will soon be commencing contact with land owners potentially affected by the mine infrastructure – particularly the slurry pipeline.

If you have any questions about this process, please contact us at the details below.


Read more here: Hawsons Iron Project Fact Sheet.


If you would like to contact Hawsons Iron Limited, please email: engage@hawsons.com.au OR call 1300 755 470

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