Hawsons Iron Managing Director Announces Retirement

Hawsons Iron Managing Director, Mr Bryan Granzien has advised the Board of his intention to retire effective on 5 July 2024. He will step down from the Board on 31 May 2024 and remain in an executive position until his retirement on 5 July. Mr Granzien joined the Board as a non-executive director on 30 December 2020, when he was elected as Chair, and subsequently served as both the Company’s Managing Director and Executive Chair.

Hawsons Chair, Mr Jeremy Kirkwood thanked Mr Granzien on behalf of the Company for his valued contribution and leadership during difficult economic times due to the global inflationary impact of the pandemic, rising interest rates and geo-political instability after Russia invaded Ukraine. For more detail, see ASX Announcement.

Trucks working at Hawsons Iron Project site